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Reserve Money Budget Spreadsheet – Click here for more info and to purchase

Offered in partnership with Money Saving Journeys ‘Debt Busting – Get Set for Success’ series.


Are you ready to tackle your debt? Get this Debt Details Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has been designed ready for you to organise your debts.

You can input your debt details and the formulas will work out how much you owe and the total amount of monthly minimum payments you need to make.

Get your money affairs in order easily with this readily designed Statement of Affairs.

List all your income and your outgoings and the formulas will automatically add them up for you allowing you to calculate the amount you have remaining.

Creating a Statement of Affairs is an essential step if you wish to tackle debt or work out your budget.

Would you like to take control of your money and start tackling your debt. This Excel spreadsheet is designed ready for you to input your ‘reserve’ money. Allowing you to make sure you are saving for every eventuality and leaving you confident to start paying down your debt or starting your savings.