What is has revolutionised the way you can use Instagram for your business or blog.

Instagram does not allow links within posts, unless they are sponsored posts.  For non-sponsored posts, Instagram only allows ONE link within your bio.  Therefore, if you want to link to something relevant to the image you are posting, you have to also change the link in your bio each time.


With you still have the ONE link in your bio.  However, this link goes to a mini home page of buttons, each one linking to different content of your choice.  This could be your products, your latest blog post or an external link.

What’s Included

This package is for setting up the basic package (the free version) on and it includes:

  • Set up of your account
  • Linking your Instagram account with
  • Adding the new link in to your Instagram bio
  • Configuration of up to 5 Buttons
  • Configuration of your appearance from those available in the basic package

What do I need to supply:

  1. Instagram Username
  2. Instagram Password
  3. An email account to be used with
  4. A password to be used with
  5. Up to 5 Titles for your Buttons
  6. Up to 5 URLs for your Buttons
  7. Your choice of appearance from those listed below – colours are representative, actual colours may vary

What Happens After I Hit the Buy Button?

  • Once you hit the buy button, you will be redirected to my Payhip page to complete your payment. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal.
  • Following payment you will receive an automated email containing a questionnaire. The questionnaire will request all of the information I need to commence your set up.
  • Simply complete the questionnaire, return it to me via email and work will commence.

If you have any questions, please email me.


Appearances available within the free version of

1, instagram, link in bio
2, instagram, link in bio
3, instagram, link in bio
4, instagram, link in bio
5, instagram, link in bio
6, instagram, link in bio
7, instagram, link in bio
8, instagram, link in bio
9, instagram, link in bio

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